The Band

Mambo Franconia - Fiesta à gogo!

Deep Purple in Cuba, Metallica in Mexico and Michael Jackson in the Balkans - Mambo Franconia celebrates a musical melting pot of different cultures and sends you on a musical journey encompassing all the greatest hits for every rock and pop generation.

The voice of the lead singer resonates to the melodic sounds of marimba, the broad harmonies of the brass section and a percussive musical firework. With their musical repertoire from mambo, cumbia, merengue and co. Mambo Franconia have created a wonderful and danceable concert experience!

The Band:

Nicola Wientzek - vocals
Florian Bührich - vibes / marimba, arrangement
Andreas Wiersich - guitar
Peter Adamietz - piano / organ
Marco Kühnl - bass
Stefan Seegel - drums
Stefano Renzi - percussion
Andrey Lobanov - trumpet
Julian Schunter -alt-sax
Nick Kolev - trombone
Dirk Eidner – bariton-sax